Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV)


Wednesday 31st March – 2021

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So, how can you get involved?

It’s simple really.

By being an awesome trans ally!



STEP 1: Get educated, do your research
  • Saying ‘I don’t know’ is ok – lots of people feel like if they don’t know a trans person, they cant understand or talk about trans experiences. But that doesn’t mean you’re being insensitive or discriminatory.


  • You don’t need to pretend that you understand what it’s like to be trans or that you are well versed in trans issues. All you have to do is listen and be respectful of the people who do share their experience and personal journey.


  • If you want to better engage with trans issues and history, there’s an abundance of trans activists and websites that you can follow. Check out the Links section for details.
STEP 2: Pronoun patter!
  • Trans and non-binary people are used to discussing pronouns, so be respectful and simply ask if you dont know – we don’t bite (honest!).


  • Adding your pronouns to your social bio or your email signature can be a simple way to show you understand and acknowledge their importance.
STEP 3: Stand up, Speak out!
  • It’s up to all of us to challenge the use of insensitive or offensive terms or jokes. Whether that’s in your home, at work or just on the bus, don’t stay silent. Call it out.


  • Sometimes described as ‘just a laugh’, offensive tropes or deliberately misgendering people just normalises hate and prejudice and ain’t nobody got time for that! Don’t encourage it – say something and shut it down.
STEP 4: Words matter, so set the tone
  • Think about the language you use in groups or at work, could it be more inclusive? For example, opening a speech with “Ladies and gentlemen” could be changed to “Honoured guests” or “Hello everyone”.


  • Everyone makes mistakes, so if they do happen occasionally by accident, own it, apologise and move on. The important thing is that you learn from that and make efforts so it doesnt happen again.
STEP 5: Respect boundaries
  • Asking someone about their genitals or about gender reassignment surgery is just none of your business! That’s it. That’s all. Maybe just dont do it.


  • Most trans people just want to live their life in peace and with dignity, so talking about their transition or trans status regularly can be exhausting. Being trans is only one aspect of someone’s identity, so do like Frozen and ‘Let it go….!’

A little word of mouth

can go a long way…